We build customizable applications as well as the standard platforms that may respond to our customers’ need of card tests of various models due to our long years of experience on printed circuit card tests and with our qualified staff and solution partners.

We configure our In Circuit Test and Functional Test Systems to respond the developing technology in order to fulfill the up-to-date needs of our customers.

With In Circuit Test Systems, the presence, direction, and value of active and passive components on the circuit are checked and their by-pass or short-circuit controls are carried out.

Via Functional Test Systems, the following controls can be performed by powering up the electronic circuits based on the properties of the cards:

►Current, voltage, power measurements

►Signal analyses such as amplitude, average voltage, frequency, duty cycle, and THD measurements

►Control of led color and brightness.

►Manipulations of mechanical components such as pots, trimpots, and buttons.

►Display visual controls.

►Miscellaneous I/O controls.