We provide test system solutions that are designed and manufactured based on your needs, which can be used in both in line side or laboratory environments.

Electrical Function Test Systems:

These include over-the-line or single test mechanisms that will carry out the electrical safety tests within the scope of CE standards and will measure and analyze all kinds of electric signal generated by the product for products or semi-products that operate by electric power.

Tightness/Flow Rate Test Systems:

These are mechanic and pneumatic mechanisms designed specifically to check the water and air tightness of the product and supported by goal-oriented sensors.

Appearance Test Systems:

These are mechanisms that test the properties of the products such as its shape, form, color, presence, and surface with by way of visual processing hardware and software instruments.

Dimensional Property Test Systems:

These are mechanisms carrying out the dimensional property tests of products such as its dimensions, the distance between the parts, and alignment.